• feature-film

    Songs about love

    directed by

    Tomasz Habowski

    Basick information


    drama / coming of age


    Tomasz Habowski


    Tomasz Habowski


    Kamil Holden Kryszak


    Marta Szarzyńska / kinhouse studio

    movie length

    90 min.


    Polish with English Subtitles



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    Songs About Love is set in Warsaw, Robert, a musician, meets Alicja, who is a waitress, and happens to overhear her singing in a beautiful voice. Struck by her talent, he proposes a collaboration. But they are both under enormous pressure. Robert is the son of a well-known actor who wants him to succeed. Alicja is a newcomer from a small town, who lacks support from her family and faith in herself. Robert, who lives in his father’s shadow, sees in Alicja’s music a chance to come into his own.

    Director’s Statement

    Songs about love is a film about power, ambition and love. It is guided by the idea that rebellion against parental authority can legitimise that authority; the stronger the rebellion, the longer it reigns. The road to independence is different – winding through an understanding that defining oneself in spite of another is still to act under their influence. To rid oneself of it takes knowing and accepting oneself. Robert’s story takes this road – his love for Alicja and for their shared musical future serves his struggle against his father, although he is unable to understand this in time.

    Tomasz Habowski


    Tomasz Habowski – director / scriptwriter

    born in Poland. He studied Law and Culture Studies at Wroclaw University. In 2017 - 2019, he participated in “Studio Prób'' and “Script” courses at Wajda School in Warsaw, where he developed “Songs about love. In 2019 he was head writer “Na wspólnej”(produced by TVN) and co-writer of comedy program „La la Poland - produced by TVP2. In 2018 he worked as script writer and 1AD in comedy program „SNL Polska” - produced by Showmax. “Songs about love” will be his feature debut.

    Marta Szarzyńska - producer

    Marta Szarzyńska is CEO and a producer at Kinhouse Studio. Her producing credits include The Nixie by Julia Bui-Ngoc (2018; winner: European Cinematography Awards Best Director, Miami Independent Film Festival Best Short Narrative & Docs, Polish Film Festival Best Short and Best Music, and others). Her feature debut as a producer, SONGS ABOUT LOVE by Tomasz Habowski, will premiere in 2021. Her second feature, BALLADS AND ROMANCES by Julia Bui-Ngoc, is currently in development, with support from the Polish Film Institute. Szarzyńska is vice-president of the Young Producers section of the Polish Producers Alliance (PPA) and trained in Creative Development at the Wajda School.

    Mai Bui Ngoc - director of photography

    Weronika Bilska

    director of photography

    Mai Bui Ngoc - director of photography

    Alicja Zachodny

    production design

    Mai Bui Ngoc - director of photography


    Tomasz Włosok

    Mai Bui Ngoc - director of photography


    Justyna Święs

    Mai Bui Ngoc - director of photography


    Andrzej Grabowski

    Mai Bui Ngoc - director of photography


    Patrycja Volny

    Mai Bui Ngoc - director of photography


    Małgorzata Bogdańska

    Mai Bui Ngoc - director of photography


    Pola Dąbkowska

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