feature film
Songs about Love
directed by Tomasz Habowski

"A bittersweet, black-and-white film about a young musician searching for his path in life."

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Basick information

genre — drama / coming of age

director — Tomasz Habowski

script — Tomasz Habowski

music — Kamil Holden Kryszak

producer — Marta Szarzyńska / kinhouse studio

movie — length 90 min.

language Polish with English Subtitles

premiere 2021

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Production company

kinhouse studio




Film Distributor

Gutek Film ←

Director’s Statement

Songs about love is a film about power, ambition and love. It is guided by the idea that rebellion against parental authority can legitimise that authority; the stronger the rebellion, the longer it reigns. The road to independence is different – winding through an understanding that defining oneself in spite of another is still to act under their influence. To rid oneself of it takes knowing and accepting oneself. Robert’s story takes this road – his love for Alicja and for their shared musical future serves his struggle against his father, although he is unable to understand this in time.

Tomasz Habowski

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